Growing Roots Therapy has been a dream of mine for many years. I dreamt of a space and place for little ones and teens to come and be while being able to work through what they need to work through. I am a child and adolescent therapist with a specialty in play therapy. My office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba but I provide e-services across Canada and the U.S.

Basically, if you think about talk therapy for adults, add some toys, art and some quirkiness and that’s what we do. We help children of all ages learn, heal and grow through acts of play.

The environment and relationship that we create for therapy is SO important. My goal has always been “a safe place to land”. When life feels stormy and things are hard, you find a place that is cozy and warm. A place that allows children, youth and parents the comfort to work through hard things, learn new skills and engage with me to make this all happen. It is truly amazing what we can accomplish with this form of therapy.

A little about me…

I, Melissa am a pretty casual jeans and sneakers kind of gal. My mantra in life is BIG LOVE. I wear that on my sleeve and face on a daily basis in all that I do. It’s super important to me that all of my clients feel this from the moment they walk through my doors.

Beyond my therapy work at Growing Roots with children, families and youth, I am a Mama to a wild 2.5-year-old. I’m a lover of hot coffee and being outdoors! Sunny days and tall trees (with Wi-Fi and a Starbucks close by of course) with “my people” are my favorite! Add some folk music and basically that makes my year!

The simple things are what make me the happiest! I have a passion for YOGA and this summer I visited Berkley, California to train with YOGA KIDS so that I can share this passion with my mini-clients at Growing Roots. This will be rolling out very soon, so stay tuned.

I pride myself on my gentle and authentic approach to therapy.  I believe we are all human, simply doing the best we can and that our struggles do not define us. It is our stories that connect us, and telling them, working with them and playing them out bring us hope and new understandings and fresh beginnings.

I am currently accepting new clients for one-on-one and family work. It all starts with a conversation, so feel free to give me a shout and we can chat about how our space and skill set here at Growing Roots Therapy could support you and your family.

Big Love,


Photos by: Sawmill Photo Co.