A New Year of New Beginnings

A New Year of New Beginnings

With a new year comes new beginnings and new opportunities to GROW. As parents and child caregivers, we are always seeking ways to help our children develop, be comfortable in their own skin and work through life’s challenges in a healthy manner. We felt this would be a great time to introduce our services in a deeper manner and offer to you an opportunity to connect and grow together!

Welcome to Growing Roots

At Growing Roots Therapy, we offer therapeutic support and a safe place to land when you are seeking answers, looking for ideas or just need someone to talk to. We support parents in parenting and weathering storms- no matter the size. From the toddler tantrums to the teenage years, we have direct support and solutions that promote positivity and resolution. We are specialists in child development, creative and gentle parenting approaches that help you be your best parent. We also work with children and youth to support their positive well-being.

What this means for you

For some families, this might look like a parent consultation where we provide you, the parent with some helpful tips and tools and for others it may look like coming to visit the playroom to learn and understand more about emotions, experiences and self-regulation. We work with child behavior, anxiety, self-regulation, depression and stress management.

We are trained to work with the hard stuff in life such as stress, family changes, trauma and grief. We are also a place for everyday parenting support. We teach principles of mindfulness and have many tools to implement healthy routines at home.

The old cliché “they never came with a manual” is SO true. We can help you understand your child’s needs, temperament and behaviors with positive outcomes. If you’re concerned about something or just want some helpful advice , we are here to guide and assist you.

In today’s world, the health and happiness of our children and family are so very important. It is in our early years that we can instill positive attachments, coping abilities and self-regulation.

 Our Services

We offer in-office sessions at our office in Winnipeg, which are often covered by insurance. To begin our work together, we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or an e-consult for parents and/or caregivers.

Our cozy space in Winnipeg is conveniently located at 834 Corydon Ave. We’ve worked really hard to put together a warm, welcoming environment that both you and your child will enjoy and feel totally at ease. All of our services can also be done via e-consult if leaving the home isn’t an option and we are putting together a list of workshops for 2018.

Let’s get in touch

If you are thinking you might be looking for support, shoot us a text or call. We are happy to chat and see if it’s a fit. It can be anxiety provoking to reach out, but know, we will meet you with gentleness and figure out a plan to support you, your children and family be your best selves this year!

We are deeply passionate about our gentle approach and offering services that lead to the positive mental health of the folks we meet.

Follow our blog as we dive more in depth about our services and the areas that we focus on. Hear our success stories and learn from other parents who are dealing with similar situations as you.

 Also, feel free to DOWNLOAD our FAQ booklet. We cover a lot of the questions you may have in this booklet.

Big Love,