A Fresh Start for Spring

Is spring here? It is hard to tell these days in this prairie climate. There is still some snow on the ground and the weather is completely unpredictable. However, according to the calendar, it is indeed spring! ​Spring is a great time for growth and change. There is something so uplifting and inspirational about the change of a season, especially spring. ​

It’s a fresh season full of growth and opportunity for people of all ages, young and old. There is a common perception of therapy as being something that is only needed to treat an “issue”.  Sure, this could be the case, but here at Growing Roots we believe that therapy can encompass so much more than that and is an integral part of health and wellness for our littles and also ourselves.

Do you want more connection, more routine, more JOY in your every day life​? Sometimes emotions get in the way of the simple everyday routines and as parents we aren’t sure how to handle meltdowns or other behavio​rs. ​Sometimes as parents, life becomes so busy and overwhelming that we have a hard time thinking past the day to day tasks and working towards bettering our relationships, connecting with our kids and providing them the tools and the resources they need to thrive and succeed in every day life. ​

As parents and caregivers, there is nothing we want more than for our children to grow into healthy, well-rounded individuals. We want our children to have self-confidence and the tools and resources they need to communicate with others and face and conquer life’s challenges.  
We want you to think of therapy as an integral ​part of your child’s health and wellness and we work with families where they are at today.​You do not need to wait until a GIANT issue has come up ​to ​come see us. ​We work with ​day to day stuff that all families encounter to help them feel better. ​
Spring is a great time to try new things! Some of the everyday things we help with are family routines, general and effective parenting to meet children’s emotional needs and how to handle big feelings. We work with worries when they are little to help them not to grow too big and we help with those big angry feelings to learn how to calm them before they take over too.
We work with school aged kids to overcome bullying and self-confidence struggles. We help children of all ages adjust to the challenges and obstacles that they are faced with as they grow.

 All of our interventions they are fun, playful and involve activities that kids love.

Therapy will help your child feel more empowered, secure and confident. It will also make you,​ as a parent feel this way too! Parenting is a tough gig and we are pulled in so many different directions to do the best for our littles. Know that our littles need us as healthy parents and learning some strategies is always a good way to model emotional health and wellness.

This s​pring we invite you to connect in fun and friendly ways to build on your emotional wellness. Will you be joining us ​this season? We sure hope so!